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“Post Normal Science – perspectives & prospectives”

A reflective workshop: 26-27th June 2009: Oxford

On the occasion of the 80th birthday of Jerry Ravetz, this workshop aims to review some ‘perspectives and prospectives’ on Post Normal Science.

When we first thought of this workshop, we imagined that a couple of dozen old and new friends would congregate and see what has been going on with PNS.  We were surprised and gratified to discover a much broader interest, to the point where we have to cut off attendance at the 50 mark.  As a result, we have been required to become somewhat more formal in our organisation.

 In particular, we want to accommodate all those who wish (or need) to present a paper, while still keeping the atmosphere of a workshop and not a subject-specialty convention. There is a range of breakout rooms, enough for everyone who wants to present a paper, or other kind of contribution.

We have an agreement with the editor of Futures to have a special issue with six papers from the workshop.  If there are more papers that can appropriately be published under the rubric of the workshop, then we could approach another journal for a special issue. Other papers and contributions will go on the PNS website.

The materials here will be updated until the workshop.

To contribute a paper, abstract, title or any other contribution for the workshop, please email with cc to: 

To: ”Joe Ravetz”

cc: "Jeroen P. van der Sluijs" <>

Also we would like to express thanks to the Institute for Science Innovation and Society for sponsorship, and to Professor Steve Rayner for hosting the workshop dinner on 26th June. Details on

Location & accomodation

Note – change of location to St Anne’s College
(20 minutes walk from the rail station):

St Anne’s College

(the Ruth Deech conference centre is the first building on the left from the main entrance)

Woodstock Rd
Oxford, OX2 6HS, UK

+44 1865 274800

  • Accommodation is available on site. We have assumed some approximate numbers for planning:   25th – 10 rooms: 26th – 25 rooms: 27th – 10 rooms.
  • For early arrivals on 25th, only wash-basin (non-ensuite) rooms are available.
  • For the other two nights we have assumed that guests will prefer ensuite single rooms.
  • Twin / family rooms are available at approx 1.5x the cost of a single.
  • Early confirmations will be very helpful. There is a cut-off for bookings 14 days before the event (i.e. late cancellations will need to be charged after that date).
  • The admin is on a volunteer basis with zero margin of error… so your cooperation will be essential.


As St Annes works on a single invoice, I am funding the whole event cost upfront (except for the reception & dinner on 26th which is kindly sponsored by ISIS).

So your help and cooperation is needed to ensure payment is made, before or on arrival at the latest. There are 3 methods:

  • Paypal transfer to . This is very simple, and suitable for different currencies, but there is a small fee. Register on with a credit card: then go to ‘Send money’ menu and select the ‘services’ and ‘personal transfer’ options.
  • £GBP cheque to Joe Ravetz Associates,
  • or £GBP in cash.

Invoices can be supplied on request.  Joe Ravetz Associates is non-VAT-registered.

The rates are as follows (all at cost price assuming 45 participants)


net price incl. VAT

in £GBP

Attendance for 26th June

(includes catering & lunch )


Attendance for 27th June

(includes catering & lunch )


Accommodation on Thursday 25th June (non-ensuite)


Accommodation on Friday 26th June (ensuite)


Accommodation on Saturday 27th June (ensuite)



Programme Version 0.6 (updated 12 June 2009)

Oxford College Map

St Annes conference brochure

Notes on accomodation

Registration form

        IMPORTANT – if you didn’t already do so, please download this and return your details to as soon as possible.

        your help and cooperation is needed to ensure payment is made, before or on arrival at the latest. Payment can be either by Paypal, cheque or cash

Abstracts & titles version 0.61 (updated 12 June 2009)

Papers & drafts:

Most of these files are accessable for participants only. You will be prompted for a username and password