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Guide for Uncertainty Communication
Posted by Jeroen on Tuesday, June 10 2014 @ 11:36:31 CEST
News and announcements Dealing with uncertainty, in terms of analysis and communication, is an important and distinct topic for PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. Without paying adequate attention to the role and implications of uncertainty, research and assessment results may be of limited value and could lead to incorrect policy decisions and all the related consequences.

Download the report (PDF 1MB)
Guidance for Uncertainty Assessment and Communication

Further reading:
Wardekker et al. 2008: Uncertainty Communication in Environmental Assessments: Views from the Dutch Science-Policy interface
Background report: Uncertainty Communication: Issues and good practice.

Offering support in communicating uncertainty When presenting the results from a policy study, it is a challenge for researchers, authors and communicators to adequately and concisely inform their public on important uncertainty issues. Presenting the information in a way that addresses the often varying informational needs of target audiences adds to that challenge.The Guide for Uncertainty Communication, which is part of the Guidance for Uncertainty Assessment and Communication, helps researchers and communicators to obtain a clear picture of why uncertainty communication is important and to whom it should be addressed, and stimulates them to make well-considered choices when deciding on what, where and how to present this information. For this purpose, the Guide for Uncertainty Communication offers a combination of hints and points of attention, as well as questions for researchers/communicators when communicating about uncertainty (e.g. in written reports and presentations).

Author(s): J. Arjan Wardekker, Penny Kloprogge, Arthur C. Petersen (PBL), Peter H.M. Janssen (PBL), Jeroen P. van der Sluijs (Utrecht University, Copernicus Institute)
Report no.: 1339
Publication date: 17-12-2013
ISBN 978-94-91506-60-4
Pages: 27
Language : English
Download the report (PDF 1MB)
Guidance for Uncertainty Assessment and Communication


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