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Futures Special Issue on Post Normal Science in Practice
Posted by Jeroen on Thursday, June 01 2017 @ 21:31:07 CEST
News and announcements Futures Special Issue on Post Normal Science in Practice
Guest editors: Dorothy Dankel, Nora Vaage and Jeroen P. van der Sluijs

Dankel, D.J., Vaage, N.S., Van der Sluijs, J.P. (2017) Editorial: Post-Normal Science in Practice. Futures.
Saltelli, A., & Funtowicz, S.O. (2017). What is science’s crisis really about? Futures.
Kønig, N., Børsen, T. and Emmeche, C. (2017). The ethos of Post-normal science. Futures.
Hiis Hauge, K. and Barwell, R. (2017). Post-normal science and mathematics education: educating future citizens for extended peer communities. Futures.
Benessia, A., & De Marchi, B. (2017). When the earth shakes ... and science with it. The management and communication of uncertainty in the L’Aquila earthquake. Futures.
Wildschut, D. (2017). The need for citizen science in the transition to a sustainable peer-to-peer-society. Futures.
Guimaraes Pereira, Â, and Saltelli, A. (2017). Post-normal Institutional Identities: Re-inventing Advice to Policy. Futures.
Saltelli, A., & Giampietro, M. (2017). What is wrong with evidence based policy? Futures.
Bremer, S. (2017). Have we given up too much? On yielding climate representation to experts. Futures.
Verrax, F. (2017). Engineering ethics and post-normal science: A French perspective. Futures.
Kovacic, Z. (2017). Investigating science for governance through the lenses of complexity. Futures.
Tsukahara, T. (2017). New Currents in Science: The Challenge of Quality, examining the discrepancies and incongruities between Japanese technoscientific policy and the citizens' science movement in post-3/11 Japan. Futures.


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